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Originally Posted by 4gsr View Post
Been left out in the acid rain for several years. Coal burning power plant near you? Been exposed to acid base cleaners. Blade is high carbon steel, harden. Wouldn't take much high acidic, low pH, liquid to cause that.
Prolly more like it... Yard sale was behind the lake and power plant is prolly 1/4 mile and we seen rail cars with coal for years going to the power plant

It was looking like this when I got it only thing I did to it was soak it in some PB rust buster spray and wipe it down with some acetone and it seems to be hardened as it does not give hardly any with a lot of pressure under the impression it would snap if I tried...

wanted to try to turn it in to a blade but not sure how to with out messing it up I'm sure it could be done if done rite... but I'm no blacksmith or knife maker either so it will remain a dingleberry on the shop wall for now

Walker Its a damascus spatula, from back n the days when Sambo's was still in business!
It's too small to be a spatula unless they were using it for flipping canary eggs although it does look a little bit like Damascus I'm not sure it is or was intended to just happened to come out looking like this over time and exposure to what ever it may have been exposed to.... but I could be wrong... I do like the heavy Damascus look it has to it.... which is why I though it make a cool knife blade
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