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Spent most of the afternoon today doing the final prep work to start stripping the north side of the roof. That entailed taking down the gutter, it's hangers and the stand offs the hangers were on. Then moving the bed liners into position to catch the old shingles from the roof. Once all was set, it was time to start stripping the roof.
I have what is known as a single shovel, bought it years ago for another job, I had looked at more modern ones but hey I had this one. I got it out, set up my extension ladder at the back of the shop( east end) went up on that roof, across it, and attempted to get up on the front roof. I immediately discovered a soft spot.
A little caution and some shingle removal showed that the boards the the roof deck was built from were dry rotted.....
So remove them and start stripping from that corner and work up towards the peak, that method is a little slower, but will still get the job done. Once I had a 3' wide strip clear of shingles to the peak, I inspected the boards, more dry rot and soft spots, so that made the decision easy. Remove the decking also.
Out came my Super Sawzall with a demolition blade, I cut along the rafter to free one end of the boards, then pulled the cut end up to remove them. I stripped another section of shingles, this time about 6' wide and repeated cut and remove process, it was starting to get dark, so it was time to stop. So tomorrow I will finish stripping the roof and start on new framing.
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