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Originally Posted by dubby View Post
I'll see what all I have left. I sold the dead remains of mine a couple years ago but I think I have the gears left in a drawer. I doubt the other set of jaws would do you any good unless they were matched to your chuck, but they might. Not sure about those either.

I will directly contradict what Cam posted above. The dead center is not 'standard', though it is a M2. It's actually shorter, on purpose, to fit in the workings of the tailstock. I'm positive that I have that piece. Let me see what I've got left and I bet we can arrange some sorta trade.
The point is the Morse tapers are industry standard and widely available cheap. Unlike my antique lineshaft lathe that has an obsolete taper of unknown type in the tailstock.

A cheap, off the shelf dead centre can be customized with a little time and effort once purchased. Turning a new part to match the bastard taper on my old antique can also be done, but can be a painful excercise in trial and error for a less seasoned machinist.
Design to 0.001", measure to 1/32", cut with an axe, grind to fit..
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