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Thanks for the info, people!

Originally Posted by milomilo View Post
Thanks, Chris. I guess I missed that set. HF finally Emailed me back (attachment below) and their gear set, priced individually, comes to $32 but is 8-10 weeks out.

Originally Posted by digger doug View Post
I wouldn't spend that kind of money for some things you may never need.
90% of the members here (a guesstimate), me and Confucius say: "It is better to have a tool and not need it, than to need a tool and not have it..." How many of us have a virgin, unused tool we "just had to have" sitting in the tool box? And I'm not talking a 9mm combo wrench that came in a set (for example) although I HAVE used one of those...

Originally Posted by dubby View Post
I'll see what all I have left. I sold the dead remains of mine a couple years ago but I think I have the gears left in a drawer. I doubt the other set of jaws would do you any good unless they were matched to your chuck, but they might. Not sure about those either.

I will directly contradict what Cam posted above. The dead center is not 'standard', though it is a M2. It's actually shorter, on purpose, to fit in the workings of the tailstock. I'm positive that I have that piece. Let me see what I've got left and I bet we can arrange some sorta trade.
Thanks for looking, Dub. I'm sure a trade of sorts could work for both of us. PM what you have... I think a set of external jaws would be a worthy "investment" and I don't think they could be any worse performing than the ones that are in it now--that is one gritty feeling chuck! I'm going to send the original owner another text and/or maybe call him and say "last call". It is about a 20min drive to get to him... And thanks for the info on the dead center.

I agree with you Cam, and HF lists a live center for $14 but "special order". I'm going to take another look at Little Machine Shop again--I don't mind spending a little more for quicker gratification.

No one will dispute this little lathe "is what it is" but if it can save me time or money as it has already, it will be worth it. About a year ago I paid $30 for this bushing. LINK It DID work for the application but I couldn't help thinking "I could have made that for pennies!" I made careful measurements before I installed it "just in case".

PS: the way I figure it, if I get out of this spending another $100, I'm still ahead of the game and could EASILY sell it for what I have into it...

PPS: I noticed THIS...

PPPS: I DID buy about $20 worth of cheap tooling from the local HF. Pretty much whatever they stocked. Took a little searching amongst the drill bits and such on the shelves.
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