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Keith, yes I have made many parts in a 3 jaw chuck, just the way you suggest. Most of the time it works out fine. Until you run into a repair, either a weld up &turn back to size or a turn and sleeve. Those I want the 4 jaw indie for.
The 4 jaw scroll would be paid for and then some after the first 150 parts. These are not Buck, Bison or another high quality/expensive chucks. But for now they would fill the gap for me. My biggest problem is finding backing plates in the L00 taper mount. I most likely would be able to turn my own once I get the shop better tooled up. But for now, beggars can't be choosers when it comes to that taper.
I went anf looked at another lathe, if the owner comes down on it somemore then I would have a Lodge & Shipley 22" swing, with a boat load of tooling, 8 or 9 chucks, taper attachment and DRO. I can't remember the model off the top of my head just now but it is tight clean and little used. Owner thinks it is of late 60's early 70's manufacture. Big heavy beast, estimate it weighes in at around 10 - 12,000 pounds. Chucks a D- style. Can stay where it is at until the weekend before 4th of July 2019. He inherited it from his grandfather with the house and land. He has sold the rest of the machine tools that were there. He is in no hurry to get it moved as we will ha e to remove the one wall to get it out of the shop. The c - c is around 96" , that is why no one wants it.
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