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Chris, maybe if the 3 jaw was tighter,(less wear in it) I could try that. It is pretty loose, there is a plan for it eventually.
Digr, thanks for the information. I am just leery of buying the 10" and find out it is too large for my lathe.
If the weather does not get too bad in January, I should be able to get at the frames that were dumped there 10 years ago. They were from a grain dryer shelter, roof with no walls. Their new dryer did not fit under the roof and the roof would not cover it. When the contractor took the old structure down they just hauled the frames ad roof purlins over to the wood line and dumped them. The old man decided not to sell them or let someone have them, they just laid there in a ppilesince then. The son, who I have done work for called me a couple of months ago to see if I wanted them. I went over and looked at them. Buried under 10 years of brush and blackberry brambles. On top of that when the old man put the new truck driveway in, he backed up a lot of water into that area. Turning it into a mudhole more than ankle deep, over the top of Lacrosse 18" burly's. Need about a week of freezing weather to be able to get into the area with his Deere 333 mini trackloader to haul the parts out of the brambles.
Each of the bents had a chainfall that ran on the parallel beam header, if I can recover all of them, I can build a rolling bridge crane with them. Fred, (the son) has been wanting to clean up that area up for two years now. The old man is in a nursing home, and does not know anyone anymore. So he will never miss them. Too bad, other than being a four star jerk at times he was a nice guy. Paid well and quickly.
I tried to deal on them several times, but could never come to a bargain on them.
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