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Originally Posted by bunkclimber View Post
well if its truly STAINLESS coat hangers, they won't rust or go bad in storage,thats for sure..grab some scrap steel and lay down some beads and see how it performs as filler..can't be all bad..probably 304 stainless,can't imagine 316.
I'm pretty sure they are SS they been hanging in the shop for quite a spell and prior to that out side for awhile and have no rust...
so you think they'd be most likely be 304

Originally Posted by Don_S View Post
One thing you need to be careful of using your coat hangers in any critical applications. If they are 304, 304 is typically not used for a filler metal. They recommend 308 or 316 and 309L for dissimilar matchups.

They may be great for practice though as I'm sure the price was right.
If they are not good for filler although ill try at least one just to see how it welds on some SS tubing I have
price was rite "Basically Free" but if all else fails they will make nice hangers that wont leave a rust mark on my T-shirts
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