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Coax good if you want rough, fast, center inside or outside tubing/round stock.

Cylindrical very accurate for either an edge, or center of round stock or tubing. Some have a flat for audible use.

Wiggler, if a GOOD one (I spent the bucks for US made Starrett), is also very good for edge, or cylindrical. Reaches into tubing better. Does a very nice job locating center punch marks. Probably one of the best all around tools. A good one doesn't wobble once it's centered with your finger. Should be absolutely straight with no runout.

To find center of circle with edge finder...…….

Set your dial at 0 when you touch the first side (this side can be anywhere inside the circle, or outside the circle). Crank the handle till you hit the other side. Take the total travel, and divide by 2. Crank back to the halfway mark per your calc's. Then repeat for the other axis. Now you're as dead center as your lead screw is accurate.

Solid stock is done same way, just crank the knee down before ya go to the other side, or not
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