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You're seeing what I'm seeing.

I think I got it fingered out, sorta. (Woulda have had the new stand mostly built by now )

Gonna solid bolt the bases to the floor,, leveling front to back with risers. Risers to be welded to floor plate. Pretty much like I did for the old lathe.

Because I'm dealing with a bunch of angles...…...base will be leveled, as above, with the risers. Then bolted to floor. This leaves me with only one remaing angle to contend with. The side to side leveling angle.

Same treatment above the stands. The area between stands, and base of lathe. Nuther set of risers. No dealing with weird compound angles this way.

The original plan was to build a new stand with "blank" legs. Cut long enough to fit into "cups" on the base plate. Set it level, then weld the legs to the base plates via the cups/sleeves. Sleeves were to be bolted to the base plate, then the new stand assembly tacked to these sleeves in proper position, all of it removed for finish welding. Would have only required shims between the sleeves, and base plate, to tweak the leveling. Hard to explain. It's like welding the main legs to little mini legs. Woulda been a Uranus spectacular!! Tube within a tube kinda thing. F'n awesome

But I sure like those little blue cabinets. So I caved
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