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Default 3 Point NO lifty lifty Case David brown 885

Ok so this not my first Rodeo with these things an in my opinion one of the more complicated hydraulic systems I've had the no so pleasurable pleasure to work on but had one dropped off here early this morning.... good thig it is manual trans and not hydrostatic hydrostatics suck to work on any way shape or brand

Any way I have a very good idea what's going on with it... But it could be more serious than the normal issues they usually have...

But going to go through it all the way as it has some debris in the system from hooking up the auxiliary lines that laid I the dirt not sure why some one would hook up lines with out cleaning the connections first but at any rate the loader was working and 3 point was working guy took of the loader.

The three point was working then started getting slower an slower and now will not lifty at all.... fluid is clean and clear no water recent filters etc.

So for those of your who have had these same issues where you know it is "NOT" the pump... what would you look at/for first ? The relief valve
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