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Originally Posted by AJinNZ View Post
I like it. The square poll is different to most which are round.

How long did it take to make?
I don't know what happened but the original poles of any hawk were not truly round.. Over the last 20+ years people have morphed them into being round..

They were roundish shape with a triangular shape of the front where the weld seam was.. This made it really easy to both shape the hawks eye and fit the handle to stay straight with the blade..

This handle was bought from a friend of mine who ordered it from a company who does a whole bunch of trades stuff... He bought handles for making peace pipes..

It's not square but more pear shaped..

personally I like a more traditional eye but this handle was the shape the pole was made to.. I had to make a new drift to do it but that's ok..

Time to forge this is about 45minutes to 1 hr.. I didn't have the eye drift so if you include that add in another hr.. So the eye was just forged to a rough shape but the right dimension or length around..

Took about 30minutes to clean it up because I was using crappy coal which spewed molten clinker back onto it so it needed to be cleaned up more to get it ready for hardening and tempering..

If I were making these in abundance I could get them down to 30minutes forging time, belt grinder would bring finish work down to 5 minutes. Heat treat 5minutes..

Really quite fast to produce..
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