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Originally Posted by digger doug View Post
That looks paper thin.
And hard to make.
Thats funny..

Plenty thick.. 5/16 at the poll with a tapered to the edge..

One of the things i get asked at demo's is what is the hardest thing to make..

It's not that there is anything really harder than another.. It just means it takes longer to make..

Reason is there are really only 4 skills or techniques used for making all the items I have ever made..

it's all swinging hammer, heatijng metal..

Originally Posted by milomilo View Post
Top notch work. You do not have some you plan to use this on I hope.
The demo place was supposed to be offering hawk throwing or at least they did last year... It was an outdoor expo with shooting, MTB'ing, skeet, fishing, etc, etc..

One of the guys asked if there was a target.. I said I like moving targets so if he ran fast enough, he might have a chance.. It doesn't sound funny now taken out of context but it raised a nervous laughter in the crowd..

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