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Originally Posted by allessence View Post
dubby, Wrought iron is the oldest iron product produced and used by humans..

Wrought means to hammer.. and iron well Wrought iron = hammered iron..

Wrought iron has a grain in it a lot like wood.. You can actually split a bar of wrought iron down the grain just like splitting wood..

Wrought iron has the lowest percentage of carbon and includes some silica as inclusions mixed among the iron fibers.. Since it only has a very small amount of carbon it can not be hardened to be useful for edged tools..

The iron fibers stick together as the metal is hammered from a spongy mass into a bar.. at the bloomery..

Wrought iron came in different refined stages for sale.. Muck bar (least worked with voids and such), 1st run (fully shaped into a bar directly from a bar (2nd working), second run (which was from a bar that was worked 3 or more times thus well refined and with a closer grain)..

The more Wrought iron is worked the better it gets as with each working it gets more and more refined and the silica gets forced out and essentially becomes more a homogeneous mass of iron the more its worked..

Wrought iron is very ductile and when heated can be worked like Butter since part of it is melted sand..

Wrought iron also refers to gates and such as these were made from wrought iron and were technically hand hammered to shape..

Now the name refers to any item that is decorative and artsy in particular hand rails, gates, etc, etc.. Though there is not wrought iron in them..
Very well explained

when I hear the term wrought iron I automatically think made and forged metal weather its in the form of a gate fence or other art
and so I sort of get bent out of shape when I am searching for wrought iron items for a client looking for old school wrought iron pieces
and I find people selling cold roll modern prosses fabricated pieces for the cost of true wrought iron as if it were a truly crafted piece from the time period

I could twist metal all day long and beat it a little with a hammer and call it wrought iron but wouldn't have the nerve to sell it to a client as true wrought iron

it can sometimes be hard to explain the difference to someone who does not know or understand the difference but if they can't understand it in the manor you have broken it down to I guess they can get stuck with modern fabricated "Rot Iron".

Jen.... It was very refreshing and educating in the way you broke down the different forms of wrought iron....Thank again!
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