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Originally Posted by Walker View Post
I hadnt thought about galvanizing, great idea.

If you do decide to pressure test it be sure to fill it with water first. That way if it ruptures it does not have the kinetic energy of all the compressed air stored inside to cause mayhem. I like the pressure washer idea too, I had never thought of that.
If you do a search you can find that I did that on a tank. The easiest and most reliable way to control pressure is to attach the pressure hose to the tank with a Tee. On the tee put on a gate valve and by controlling the amount of bleed off, you can set pressure in the tank. Then close a valve to the tank so that the water in the tank is under pressure and stays that way for 24 hours. I would want to see no drop below the original pressure in the 24 hr period.
Be aware that sunshine will expand the water and drive the tank pressure higher.
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