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Default Tig filler rods to get?

Now that I have a tig welder at home, I am looking to get some filler rods on hand. My old boss would just order what he thought was best, so that is what I had to work with. I would not necessarily pick out the filler metal due to what it was, just pick out the size to what I was welding on. Had different grades of stainless and alum in different diameters, but not all grades in all sizes.

Anyways, I don’t want to drop a $1000 to have everything covered, but would like to be able to weld stainless and aluminum, and possibly cast iron repairs. My welder is only 175 amps, do I can probably stay with 1/16- 3/32” size due to amperage available, and maybe only .045 in stainless. I expect to do light gauge, 16-18 gauge most likely the most. Have a lot of stainless from restaurant kitchen to work with, and might make new pans for sugar shack, (if I get to that this year)

I am leaning towards 4043 for alum,
309 for stainless, mostly because it is supposed to be better for disimilar metals, like stainless to steel,
And maybe some alum bronze for cast repairs.

Also, any decent welding supply places to look into? I have an air gas store in town, but I can’t get there during their business hours unless I take time off of work to do so, so it is not very convenient for me. I will have make that work when I need gas, but I am looking into getting an account set up and have gas deliveries to my work place with a LWS that nearest store is 70 miles away
but has been slowly taking air gas business away.

Anyways, what recommendations do you guys have.

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