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Originally Posted by cutter View Post
I did not post this build project because of the tedium involved, the false starts & do over's and the general frustration all that entailed, scattered over most of 2014.
Originally Posted by clive View Post
Cutter, I have a mill/drill ( but with a tilting head) and the round column is a pain, I tried to find the alterations you did to steady it but couldn't. Do you have a link to that?
I did not post a thread about it, Clive. I took hundreds of pictures along the way, most of which are details but they are disorganized and probably not very helpful unless I put a lot of time into trying to recover my memory of "what was that all about?" It really was a frustrating build because this old mill was downright determined to defend her right to choose to rotate. I was very surprised at how much torque was involved and how much force it took to overcome it.

I have looked at the pictures, trying to find a decent overview and nothing I have would be very helpful.
However, this thing really does work so it is doable. I'll try to get some decent pictures to show you here.
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