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Default Rong Fu Mill/Drill head lift guide

This is food for thought for tackit in the midst of his travails with his mill/drill.

Some of you may remember I built a motorized head lift for Mildred a couple or three years ago. I was hoping that it might at least minimize the rotational drift from registration experienced with round column mills.
It did not.

I have posted a You Tube video which demonstrates that she still shifted both to the right and to the left a 1/2 an inch or so under travel.
The indicator in this video is not touch the test bar; it is only a pointer to show how much drift there is.

So I worked for about a year, off & on, to build a guide bar to at least minimize this rather glaring deficiency so that poor old Mildred could feel prouder of her performance. This was inspired by the one Mark Ball posted a couple of pictures of 2 or 3 years ago.
I did not post this build project because of the tedium involved, the false starts & do over's and the general frustration all that entailed, scattered over most of 2014.

But I do have another You Tube video showing the result. It limits her error to plus or minus .005" and she usually settles down to about zero when the motor switches off.
Not perfect but honestly, for the kind of work I get around to doing it is generally good enough & certainly a lot better than trying to use that damned crank, which now resides in a drawer.

Head lift guide video # eleventyfortyone or something.
In this case the indicator is in contact with that old WWII boring bar from my grandfather's tool chest.
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