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"The management (me) believes in freedom of speech in you posting your thoughts and feelings. All I ask is be professional in your postings."

Just a dang minute, how did Shade become management? Did Mrs Shade tell him he could be management on the board, so he wouldn't figure out he don't have anything to say around the house, and has to answer to the goldfish?

New Guys, it is a lot easier to answer some of your questions when we know where you are. Conditions are a lot different in the swamp where Cripthy dwells than they are in Arizona, so some of the answers will be different based on geography.
I figure you came here cause we either have the answers, or know where to go get them. Oh yea, we also offer 1 free haircut, if you don't mind travelin to Texas and sittin on a drywall bucket to get it.
Welcome to the nuthouse, get comfortable, and NO SPITTIN on the floor.
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