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wow, thanks cutter. that's what i needed to see.

after checking that out, i'm wondering if i could get to that set screw with only half that work. it seems that i could possibly force the shaft with the set screw down through the bottom of the assembly with out having to remove the whole spindle operation. i can get at the left threaded nuts above the top bearings behind the name plate. and now i know that i can use a screwdriver to loosen these, instead of a tool that i don't have. so that means that if i pry off the bearing cover on the bottom, i might be able to push everything down and out just the two or so inches to get at that screw.

it says i need to remove the upper bearings to do this but that by rapping on it, that would be accomplished. i think. anybody done this before? or am i just being lazy?
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