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Default Flameless copper pipe connection

Originally Posted by kbs2244 View Post
I have never done a whole system with copper and epoxy.
Just quick and dirty add ons where the flame may have been a little less than a good idea.
I preped it like always.
Good and clean inside and outside.
I just used the side by side epoxy stuff that you squeeze out on a piece of paper and mix.
Put a good coat on the outside of the male piece, push it in, give it a 1/4 turn back and forth and wait 24 hours.
I think maybe twice in water systems and maybe 4 times in air.
The air systems never got above 140 PSI
I often worry about burning down the house, when working on some copper piping. Most of my concern is in the old houses with walls stuffed full of newspaper for insulation. So,the glue may be an option. I saw an O-ring crimp style system, on this old house, but that is a pretty spendy tool. mark
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