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Default Special purpose fittings

Originally Posted by Lu47Dan View Post
Mark the correct term for them is Drop Eared 90*

I didn't say they are of no use , but I have had trouble with them in the past on air systems .
One of the troubles with cast copper fittings is porosity in them , especially ones cast overseas . Testing the system is when this will pop up .
Now onto the next installment of fittings . Dan
Good to know the correct name. They do a nice job of anchoring the shower head to the wall. (and airline taps too) Are there better options? Imported crap really sucks; but a porus fitting in a BIP system is a lot worse than in copper! I try to get my plumbing supplies from a professional supply house, hoping that the pro's would never put up with poor quality parts.

I have always thought that sweating copper, as long as you follow the correct procedure, is pretty easy. I use mapp gas (esp. for the bigger, thicker fittings) most of the time. I also like to use the curved flame deflector do-hicky on the end of the torch for more even heating.

Real good thread, even though I have all the tools to work BIP, I agree that, for a home shop, copper is the way to go. (Same is true of electrical wire, but that is a seperate subject). Does the mechanical code have rules on using copper for airline?

My "propane" torch is kept in an old sawzall case. Nice because you don't have to remove the gas tank from the torch, plus plenty of room for the misc. tools and supplies used in sweating copper. mark
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