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Default Fitting Terminology , Tee's and related fittings

Tee's come in two distinct types , "regular" tee's that have the same nominal size on all three legs , and reducing tee , where one or more legs have a different nominal size .
Tee's read out as C X C X C , I have never run across a tee with an "F" leg , not to say they don't make them I just can not find an example of one .
Tee's are used to split "branches" off a main line , or to split a single main line into two mains .
Reducing Tee's
Reducing tee's are used to split or join one or more smaller lines , these can have one or two smaller nominal sized bells for this purpose . Reducing tee's serve the purpose of eliminating reducing bushing or reducing coupling thus reducing the number of sweated joints in the system and reducing the likelihood of future leaks .
The bells are set at 0* X 180* X 90* , this might sound confusing but this is how tee's are read off .
Say you need a tee to get a 1/2" branch line off of a 3/4" main line , it would read off as
3/4" X 3/4" X 1/2"
0* X 180* X 90*
Tee's are read off as 0* - 180* straight through then the 90* leg if that makes sense to you . See image one if you are still confused
The combination of sizes on the separate legs can get mind boggling at times . There are fittings available that allow you to split a 1" main into two 3/4" mains with just one fitting . That fitting would read out as
3/4" X 3/4" X 1"
0* X 180* X 90*
The 1" bell would be out the side or bullheaded .
Now you can get another fitting that would read out as
1" X 3/4" X 3/4"
0* X 180* X 90*
This fitting would be 1" in to 3/4" out straight through and another 3/4" bell on the side or bullheaded .
Another example would allow you to split a 1' line into a 3/4" line and a 1/2" line two different ways , it reads out as
1" X 1/2" X 3/4" or 1" X 3/4" X 1/2"
0* X 180* X 90* 0* X 180* X 90*
Wye's , Crosses and Unique Tee's
Wyes are what they sound like , they are shaped like the letter "Y" except one of the top bars is in line with the leg of the "Y" . They are usually a cast copper fitting . They have their uses in piping but I have yet to find the need for one in a compressed air system .
Crosses on the other hand do find there way into use once and awhile , but I try to avoid them If I can .
Unique Tee's are a cast copper fitting that has a threaded outlet in the 90* position .
  1. Tee
  2. Reducing tee
  3. Cross
  4. Unique Tee
More tomorrow . Dan
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