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Originally Posted by terry lingle View Post
There are some neat tricks that I use when doing an air distribution system.
First where possible I run a ring around the perimiter which has the same effect as using a larger pipe size because the air comes to each drop via both pipes.
Second I like to add a second air reciever in the middle of the loop ( the point furthest from the compressor). As long as it is set up to be self draining it is an install and forget thing. It adds no moisture to the system but again makes air delivery to the drops much better. I generaly match the size of the main reciever where possible.
Third I make it a point to get the air as dry as possible before it gets to the storage /distribution part of the system.
That is a great Idea on the circle, i have never heard that one.

On a single straight line run it is better to double the size of the fitting coming from the tank. This allows water to run back towards the tank which makes it easier to drain in addition to maximizing air flow. Of course if you are not worried about maximizing air flow then this is unnecessary.

Great Information Dan!
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