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Unhappy Since the lathe is in .... Or sorting out buckets of "Stuff"

I started the dreaded job of sorting stuff out I started with the stuff ( I use this term loosely ) closet to the lathe . Found a lot of Ideal clamps in the one bucket that I had been looking for for the last few years . I have discovered that throwing out what is really junk and just saving the good pieces is a real exercise in self control . It is one of those things where you say to yourself "That MIGHT come in handy someday" . See that is the trap of the word MIGHT , it has caused me a lot of grief over the years . I need to start a chapter of HOARDERS ANONYMOUS around here . Hi my name is Dan and I am a metal hoarder .
But I managed to get six buckets of "stuff" , down to three and culled a bucket and a half of copper down into #1 copper , #2 copper and brass valve bodies . They pay better if they are separated . I can actually walk from the front door to the back door without turning sideways I hauled out two 2-1/2 gallon buckets of scrap and decided that I will have to cut the lid out of another drum or find another depository for the clean-outs that I have stored in another drum . I think I need to put the clean-outs in the storage building on a shelf and that will give me another drum . That drum if filled completely would be #6
I really need to get the truck finished and haul scrap into the scrapyard soon , before it starts multiplying exponentially .
Some of you might think what does this have to do with the remodel of my shop ? Everything . If I had not let my shop get to this point over the years I might have had more ambition in getting the metal working machinery that I have wanted all these years . Buying the lathe has really jerked a knot in my tail over the shape the shop is in . It use to be a joke around here , not anymore .
The best advice for anyone out there contemplating leaving a "parts" of a finished project in a bucket , DON"T DO IT !!!! I can tell you it just gets worse from there , the bucket doesn't get sorted when you need a bucket for another project it just sets there !
I must have three dozen buckets in my shop I never thought much about buckets other than they were handy thing to put "stuff" in , but they are not they are evil things :evil: , they work on you , they whisper to you " what the heck put that "stuff" in here , you can sort it out on a rainy day , go ride the four wheeler" . But the rainy day never comes where you set down and actually sort out buckets , there is always something better to do , if it is just enjoying your favorite adult beverage ( mines Coffee) . The last thing you want to do is sort out those buckets full of leftover bits and pieces from too many projects .
Buckets were designed to store stuff in with a lid on it , what do we do when we get an empty five gallon oil bucket , we take the lid off so it can be used for putting "Stuff" in . But what happens to the lids , a bucket without a lid is a space hog ! Where you could have stacked three or four of them full of "stuff" vertically without the lids they must be set side by side , now instead of taking up a space 16" square they now take up a space 16 " wide by 64" long ! Lids have a habit of dissapearing on their own volition or you just get tired of seeing them setting there and throw them out or god forbid recycle them . Then the bucket monster is released @#$%!*& . Once released it is a fearsome critter to tame again . Take it from someone who knows , save your lids and safeguard your sanity , because I am about to lose mine Dan
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