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Originally Posted by Shade Tree Welder View Post
You should be able to find a Mobil distributor, or call a Petro Canada distributor and see if they have a Worm Gear oil.

ANY automotive oil will fuck up you worm gear; changing it often will not solve the problem.

Most white lithium grease are not EP greases, so no sulfur, you are likely just fine with it. Sulfur in an engine oil is in the form of ZDDP so it is pretty well tied up. Not much of a corrosion issue there.

Worm gear oils are also know as compounded oils, very old term. 5-10% prime burning lard oil in a paraffin base stock.

You want a WORM GEAR OIL. Call around and find one. DO NOT use any automotive gear oil...

There's only one listed mobil distributor in my area - called them and they can only sell a 20L drum. Couldn't find any petro canada distributors info online but I think I might have talked to some earlier this morning and they only sell the 20L drum as well.

I have tons of white lithium grease and motor oil laying around, I think I'll go that route. Is it safe to clean the remaining transmission oil out of the gearbox with brake cleaner?
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