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Originally Posted by Shade Tree Welder View Post
It isn't, GL-5 gear oils contain sulfur, and for steel hypoid gears, that is great!
But not for bronze. What they do is add a yellow metal corrosion inhibitor, that
gives an initial 1A/B result on ASTM D130 test. So they claim it is safe.

However, if you test the same oil after a few hundred or a few thousand hours
of use it would not pass. The inhibitor gets consumed in the system and then
the SIB (sulfurized isobutylene) eats copper and it alloys.

BTW, this is what I do for a living.

One of my companies products, we claim it but we know better. It is marketing.
Damn marketing wank haha, appreciate you sharing your knowledge.

This morning I tried calling about 20 places and unfortunately they either don't have any or they only sell huge quantities.

So my options at this point are:

1) buy overpriced mobile1 oil online

2) buy royal purple and do oil changes every couple hundred hours of run time

3) use penzoil gear and axle oil sae 80w 90 - it was recommended by one guy I called. I guess it's similar to royal purple and the additives will degrade though and the specs aren't right
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