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Originally Posted by clive View Post
The stuff from Taiwan generally seems well made.
Most Taiwanese machines are as good as it gets. My current mill is Taiwanese and we've had other machines from there as well--I'd never hesitate to buy anything made there.

Originally Posted by camdigger View Post
Nice lathe, and for the money, seems like an excellent buy.

Is there a plan to get 3 phase power for the lathe? VFD perhaps?
Yeah, given the quality we figured that the price was very good for around here. My Bro would like a VFD but he's going to end up with other 3-phase machines from the shop so a phase converter makes more sense.

Originally Posted by milomilo View Post
...Get any tooling with it?
Not much actual tooling. It came with a 4-jaw chuck, the BXA (I think) toolpost and a half dozen toolholders. I have quite a few duplicate tools so it shouldn't be too hard to get him tooled up, especially for his simple needs.

Originally Posted by monckywrench View Post
I have its close relative. They are rightly regarded as decent machines.

Mine runs off a solid state phase converter I got with it but will get a VFD for the variable speed control. VFDs are cheap online and precise control beats swapping belt positions any day.
Yup, it just has the feel of a quality machine. No belt swapping on this one--gearbox all the way. VFD or phase converter to be decided...

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