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I have about 200 ft op air line between my compressor and my normal use point. To overcome the line loss I installed a 100 lb propane bottle upside down so it will not collect water.
I also have a 30 pound tank that I can install at the end of line if I need air tools away from the plumbed buildings.
Jusr remove the valve install a 3/4 tee with an inlet fitting in one leg of the Tee and a female coupler on the other end

I also have a 100 pound tank with a standard inlet and an outlet for the larger hose to my 1 inch tools.
Remember all propane cylinders are tested safe to either 250 PSI for stationary tanks and 312 psi for mobile fuel tanks mounted on a vehicle.

RV's and campers seem to use walmart grade tanks legally over the road for onboard appliances which seems odd to me.
I am viewing this from a Canadian point of view but all the RV's I see fueling use the cheaper tanks for the propane appliances onboard.

The bigger units often have a built in generator. If that generator is propane the permanent mounted tank will be the higher pressure rated over the road tank.
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