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Now if I had an air compressor, that was capable of 67 cfm!!

Both the 3/4” drive impact guns now have a very noticeably louder bark, than they did before.

I now have a mixed assortment of air fittings on some of the tools. All of the air drops, air lines and hose reels have been changed over to the larger fittings, along with the 3/4” and 1/2” impacts. I have 8” long whips that have the larger input fittings and the smaller outlet fittings, allowing me to use the die grinders and other smaller tools, that don’t use a lot of air. The only smaller fittings is at the tool inlet, eventually I will probably switch over. The thought of changing the 120+ smaller air nipples on the tools, all at once, before SFT members have time to buy Milton stock, to enjoy the income surge, is unthinkable. So buy now!! Now Damn It!!.

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