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Wow, that's a great big first step, well done.

All I can add is when I laid out my block on slab shop, I thought 40 X 60 X 13 was all the room I'd ever need or want. I was wrong. By the time I had carved out a 13' X 14' insulated, under air, machinery room. (your climate up there is a bit dryer than mine here, but rust/moisture is still a daily problem) Added a mezzanine on a side and one end, emptied out 4 rented storage units, I was outta room.

With stuff and junk coming and going daily, it's a constant battle to keep a build / fix bay open and available. If I had the room available, I would add a 20 X 60 shed roof over a slab, with a 50 foot work bench, just to have a work bay and out of the sun parking for my RV and TV.

If wishes were horses....

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