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Originally Posted by Ironman View Post
I think I would guard my money for a while, if I were you.
Your neighbor, the asshole, still has a swimming pool. And you will still have to deal with more flooding and the leveling issues involved, unless you take legal action. And that costs, too.
If you fix this one and ride it your costs are less.
Well, I decided this morning to just get it fixed HD dealer picked it up this morning and away it went on their trailer... they said they would have it ready tomorrow but I added extra work to the labor invoice for them to do to it
so between Wednesday and Friday, I'll get it back... plus had them order a lowering kit for it... might call em and have them install it for me but its not that hard to do my self just helped a buddy install a front and rear lowering kit on his Sportster a week or so ago and once that has been done I'll be all set
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