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Well, the Harley Dealer is coming out tomorrow to pick the bike up and take it to the shop to get it fixed free pick up and free delivery if I let them do the work...
I figure its better if they do it and I can worry about other important stuff that needs doing... plus they are pretty sure they think they know what's wrong with it and gave me a solid cost of parts and labor I can live with...

What is odd is the HD dealership that is closer to me was double the cost and no free pick up or delivery and the other one that is close to 65 miles from me is going out of their way to make a customer happy which has always been the case with this one I've had a few things done by them and have always been good to me and it seems they still are... but I have spent a bit of money with them over the last 12 years.

I try to do business with the one more local to me but seems the cost is much higher every time I do try to go to them for service an parts.
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