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Originally Posted by Steeveedee View Post
One of my friends burned a piston many years ago when he got the plug wires switched when he worked on it. I believe illicit pharmaceuticals were involved. I don't recall having a fuel pump on mine, but it was a '68, so I guess gravity feed. Fuel pumps are for injected engines,right? I sold it in '72 not long before I joined the Navy.
Yes this bike is fuel injected with a stage 3 screaming eagle kit and SE tuner
I went through the throttle body today runs much better but still will not idle
I have new fresh premium fuel new iridium plugs but still coughs and dies at idle but on road runs fine until you low down to come to a stop and sort of sluggish in a sense... when trying to take back off but picks up and runs good once you get past that little spot in the throttle but in town that will attract the attention of red and blue lights due to the pipes being so dang loud

if it were running right it prolly would not be so loud other than take off
I'm thinking right now I have two options let the HD dealer just fix it and all the crap they say it will need we know it won't need par for the dealers to do that shit... Or sell this one to my brother and then go buy me this 1340 lowrider I've had my eye on for a little while a guy is offering to me.

sort of in a funk of which way to go on this thing. undecided for sure
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