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Originally Posted by OldRedFord View Post
Ended up with three generators following me home Sunday afternoon.

One is a water cooled 3000 watt Fairbanks Morse generator. Output is single phase at 13 or 15 amps. 115 volts and 230 volts. Someone along the line did a very neat wiring job on the output side to terminal strips and things are labeled and neat. Set is from 1947 and looks to be unmolested.

Next one is a Delco light plant. No data plate but looks like a 1200 series or 850 generator set. Not sure on the output voltage and from looking around online it might need 36 volts to start. From 1916-1931

Last but not least is a Kohler light plant.
800 watts and 32-40 volt output at 900 rpm.
Missing the carburetor. Rest is there. From 1932-1934

Now on to the Fairbanks...

It will turn over but I'm not getting spark. I'm not sure how to take the coil housing apart. What I mean is how do I get the lid off the coils inside? I'm not sure how the coil wires feed through the lid either.
The last pic looks like a magneto ignition.

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