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Smile Thoughts...


I am still not buying their consumable story....

However... if you are otherwise happy with the performance of the thing... then $11 every couple of years for a replacement ADF holder is not too bad..

The technology is marching on and the darn things are getting better and better...especially in their low end sensitivity and battery life..
so you might consider looking at the latest new ones...

(and relegate that Jackson to backup duty... I never liked their autodark hats.. personal opinion.. but still have one as backup)

Using inverters like your Dynasty 350DX it is really easy to get flashed by an inferior helmet on low amperage TIG

As to what is the "BEST" hat???

There should be plenty of opinions on the best Autodark hat for inverter TIG..
amongst the troops..

(I will recuse myself as I am woefully behind the times on the subject.. my newest hat is a Miller Big Window Elite... which is 6plus years old and still works flawlessly.. even with my Dynasty 350DX & 200DX way down low..just have to replace the batts every 2 years)

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