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Hey, better late than never my wife always says...Anyway, my understanding is that it takes about 1/10 the AC voltage to kill you as DC, I guess that is why they use AC for 'Old Sparky' here at the Jail. I have welded in a down pour and leaned onto the concrete wall the inbedments were in to get a good wallop, just to change the rod, I had to disconnect the stinger, put a rod in, then reconnect stinger via the Tweco connector, man, am I glad I had installed that 10 foot 4 guage whip. Finally I was so wet, I asked to borrow one of the precast concrete guys rubber gloves, ended all shocking, wish I had done so earlier. Bottom line, carry thick rubber gloves to wear under your leather ones when it get wet....Hopes this helps someone on this good thread....'Sparky' Doc Brown Paul, if you saw my hair, you would know why I am known as 'Doc Brown'
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