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I watched a couple videos where people used short tools they just held with their thumb and finger but most of the diagrams I looked at for grind angles and stuff showed longer shanks, or pin vise style handles.

I have to experiment with the grind angle but the square tip has to be tapped with a hammer, and with the low angle you have to hold it at above the work it needs to be that long to keep from hitting my knuckles with the mallet. If I change the grind angle a little where it can be held more upright I may be able to trim it some but so far it works pretty well, I just need to get the work at a more comfortable angle and held more rigidly.

The wriggler, you push by hand and I have it sized so that when the back is against the heel of my hand, my index finger is back from the tip far enough it doesn't block my view of the cutting edge. I wear an XL or XXL glove though.

I did look at some engraving vises and they are way too expensive for the budget I'm working with. I'm sure I can make something that works similarly.
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