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Originally Posted by toprecycler View Post
No, I think they are talking about using a special rod that can build up a broken off bolt enough to either weld a nut on or something to get a pair of vice grips on to turn out. The rod they are talking about can be pushed down on top of the bolt even if it is broke and inch or two below the surface of the part. It has a hard flux that protects the threads from the weld filler, and is super strong.

I usually just tig weld up a tit to be able to get a pair of vice grips on it. Just did this Friday on an aluminum hydraulic motor part. A 10/32 screw broke off flush with the casting and it took about five times of welding a tit on, but it finally came out. I thought the threads were toast, but was able to just put in a replacement screw. Boss was happy. I was working the screw back in forth while watching the lathe make chips on another job.

A lot of times, the heat of welding helps break the screw loose if rusted in too. Also, I will melt candle wax around the screw threads while hot and that usually helps to remove the screw too. Great tips I learned from this forum.

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X2 on the candle wax...…..definitely helps with screwing So do handcuffs, but sometimes she loses the key
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