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Originally Posted by 69Z28Nut View Post
Thank you, platypus20 has a copy he is sending me. I have a 1985 Jet 6x19 Lathe (Myford Taiwan copy) and a 2007 Horrible Freight 3in1.

This 1986 Central Machine Model 981 Drill/Mill is large than a 3in1 and weighs 700+ pounds. My 3in1 is only 560 pounds.

Drain the oil in your 3in1, my headstock sump was full of casting sand and cosmoline. It was not discovered until 8 months ago when the seals began leaking and the spindle bearings showed unadjustable runout.

I purchased this 981 mill to repair the Lathe Headstock casing bores of my 3in1, I've already made new shafts and bushings on my JET Lathe.
Is your 3in1 three phase ? the guy I got it from said it was and to my surprise it is.....

any way its ben in the crate for 20 years and will prolly stay in it a bit longer until I have time to do things for my self....

My friend that I got it from said to me the other day, I should just trade it off for something I want or need...

But eh I really don't need it either, I have allot of things I really don't need an allot of thigs I want... I prolly don't need...
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