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I keep thinking that I get subscribed automatically..

I love you guys..

Ok.. A steam hammer because the cylinder is hot does not condense the water quick enough to cause a problem..

Steam also has a really neat feature of expansion that once it works (moves one piston).. It can drive another piston of a larger size because it expands creating more energy..

I had seen a newer steam motor that had 4 expansion pistons on the main engine.. Really neat..

So as the hammer is lowered it gets to a point that the return stroke is not triggered so can clamp.. I don't have any idea what the pressure is exerted but I had seen a video that the chuck of steel was a few tons and it held the whole long 13ft long piece just by the end as the manipulator changed position..

Steam hammers are the most controllable hammer out of the hammer vintage designed.. The pneumatic/hydraulic offer more control and is what happened when big business moved over to a more efficient and accurate hammer..

These hammers were huge and they use huge accumulators with hydraulic fluid that actually strike like a steam hammer but without anything but the hydraulics.. Some really crazy stuff..

Steam hammers to me were the ultimate design and the most usable...

There is a guy from Kens iron who makes and air hammer that has the same functions as a steam hammer.. Really pretty neat.. Got to try it at the ABana conference..

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