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Originally Posted by Tally ZJ View Post
Look mah! No hands!

Seriously, I absolutely hate to get shocked! Makes your bones feel weird.
Originally Posted by H80N View Post
"got my pecker knocked to the floor and a funny feeling for a few minutes after"

OUCH!!!...Don't hold the torch that way.... although it might leave both hands free....
You 2 made my chest hurt with laughter
Originally Posted by pumpertruck View Post
The syncrowave 500 we had at United Defense had a loud pop when it fired up. You had to know how to hold the torch to not get zapped.

One poor guy learned the hard way. He would soak his green jacket in water during the summer to keep cool. He hit the pedal, let out scream and grabbed his chest.

I thought he had a heart attack but it turned out to be high frequency feedback through his pierced nipples. I wasn't worth much the rest of the night.
And you just added insult to injury now I'm cryin.....
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