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Default The Snap Has Gone Out of My Life!

Originally Posted by cutter View Post
Gee Doc, I can hear a very distinct snap several time, preceded by sort of a sizzling sound, in spite of the annoying & completely unnecessary music & I'm only a few years younger than you are.
But not nearly as deaf! A few years ago I was "deadheading" back from Ethiopia on an Air Force C135 which does not have any pressure in the cargo area. I had a bad head cold and I tried equalizing the pressure in my sinuses by the old SCUBA diver's trick of holding my nose and blowing.

This maneuver served to stop the pain but it also forced a virus into my inner ear. I'm about 50% hearing in that (left) ear and the other one is sinking fast.

I've learned not to sleep on my right side because with the pillow jammed against my good ear I can't hear the alarm!

On the good side many things that used to annoy me have faded away.

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