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The second finish hit.

When you cut the slab open on the first hit, the surface was left looking wet and rough. This next hit will start to smooth it out much, much more. The difference will be very noticable. It should be done as soon as the surface will start to smooth over with the trowel. Work the edges again as before. This time when you go behind the edger with the trowel, reach in as far as possible. This will give the machine an edge to work to and keeps it from having to come in close to the forms. Work the entire areas that are ready and wait out the ones that aren't. The perimeter will need only one more hand hit now.

If you are doing the interior by hand, get on it as fast as possible and get after it. It will take more time this go round. The concrete will be stiffer and you will probably need to use two hands on the trowel in many places. Work everything as before. It usually isn't necessary to cut it open again, unless it is too hard. Just smooth it all out with the trowel and be extra careful not to dig any holes and be sure to fill any you find or make. Move as fast as possible because time is getting short as to workability.

If you are machining the concrete, start the second hit about the time you barely leave a footy print. 1/8" deep would be the earliest it will work. This time, you want to travel 90° to the direction you went last time. Each seperate hit should be 90° to the last one. That can get tricky when you have several areas at different hits due to wet or dry spots. The overlap on the passes now should be about six inches or so. Again, make sure to get all the footy prints and fill every hole. You may need a touch of water in dry spots. Use it sparingly or you will have to go back and do it all over again. Work the whole slab this way. By the time you are done, you will need to check the start point. It will be close to being ready for the third hit. When you finish a hit with the machine, it is best to work your way back to or very close to the start point.

Edit: You will want to raise the blades a little at this point with the machine. Each time you raise the blades, you are applying more pressure to the surface. That is what will actually finish the surface...WHEN IT IS READY.
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