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Default Tail light trailer wiring issue on 06 Dodge Ram

Ok so Now I need a little help as I'm stuck and a bit stressed

I'm having an issue with a 06 Dodge Ram the 7 way and 6 way trailer connectors plugs (truck side)

The truck had a flat bed installed a few years ago and I have had to fix broken wires at the truck side plug before on this truck a few times.

Now who ever did the wiring when bed was installed they did a crap job as they tapped in the harness and did use the snap lock in some places and just striped insulator back on others and mad jump wires yada yada yada
total rats nesting job of it...

So I have cleaned up the rats nest eliminated the not nessocery jumper wires...

Now I have R & L turn at both 7 way and 6 way I have brake lights and of course flashers. all of these have good voltage no issue...

I have made new grounds from harness and bed to frame.

The issue is the Tail/Park lights is a very light glow and low voltage but a glow in the correct prong on both the 7 and 6 ways and when I jiggle the test light ground it will flash bright but go back to low glow...

All the lights on truck work properly no issues nice and bright

My thought tells me the power wire to the outlet/Plug is grounding on something but I can not find it in the harness or on the frame in a 3an a half foot length in to harness....

An so I am frustrated and stuck on where else to look for the issue any of you Dodge pro mechanics have any insight you don't mind sharing
I don't know if it is because I'm tired stressed and totally frustrated that I cant find it as I am usually really good at automotive electrical and do repairs quite often for people

But I am stuck on this one maybe because its not a broke wire or direct short and that is glows low under powered and then flashes when I shake the test light ground and I have tried several grounding places and 3 different test lights and meters just to be sure it was not my test equipment.. but with the same exact results...
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