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Originally Posted by digger doug View Post
I see its' $399, and is inverter based.

Has stepless voltage control, inductance control as well.

Digital readouts for voltage and current (or is that wire speed ?)

Metal parts in wire feeder too.
My brother bought one and I would say its a bit the same as the Lincoln here
and very close to weld quality on both flux core and gas
but not much comparable to the price though about the same in price
but has more control functionality on the HF machine
Oh Edit... not all stores have these in store so online purchase is how to get one but you can usually get a better price discount with online coupon code that are not valid in stores as well but those you need to find as well on line not sure where my brother found his but he basically got it for a price that discounted it as if he paid no tax although he did pay tax he said it was a 25% coupon

Although I will say he likes it over the Lincoln as he gave the Lincoln to my other little brother so I am assuming he must of liked it far better

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