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Default Forming Steel

I do a fair amount of wood carving, and have a need for a shape of tool that isn't available except in a size larger than I can use for a carving that I want to make. I watched a few videos about the annealing, quenching and tempering process, but want something a little more basic. I have some questions about the forming process. I have some O1 steel rod that I want to form into a "dogleg" shape. It seems the least expensive material for making a decent carving chisel from. It won't be subject to use with a mallet, just by pushing by hand. I want to make a shape as shown in the attached link, with different possible extensions in the middle part, and possibly different lengths (and shapes) in the cutting end of the tool:

I want to form this stuff to shape cold, since it is supposedly fully annealed when I purchased it. Do I need to heat it to form the two 90° bends with a 1/4" inside radius, or can I just bend it cold? I don't have a forge, so I'm wondering about strain relief afterwards, or am I needlessly worried? They can't make a gradual sweep like a spoon to get in where I want to do the carving, so I need the 90° bends, or at least close to that.

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