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Originally Posted by milomilo View Post
My son from CA bought 40 acres, about 30 minutes from me, to build a shop and house for their move here in 2022. This spring my son and I are building a tool storage shed (10x15) running underground secondary electrical, water and sewer to the 30x50 shop. The house will be built in 2022.

Today the local Rural Electric Association(REA) was setting the poles for the 744 feet of 660V primary wire. Today they will only set 3 poles. They will come back next Monday to set the last pole and run the primary overhead wire. My son and I will trench and run the secondary wire to the shop when he arrives this coming March. The septic, well and shop will start in June.

Going to be a very busy year for me. Tons of things to do to get all the utilities all in place the two buildings up. Lots of updates will follow.

For now here are some pics of the REA drilling and setting power poles.
Really interesting thread. Any updates on your house?

Milo @ Thesawingyard
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