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Originally Posted by big job View Post
My son has a fleet of migs tigs plasma cutters all high end. Me I braze with
gas, I weld with a stick. So this kid has boondocked my beautiful Gas powered
AC DC Miller my AO Smith stick. I try and try so easy on UTube the tig and mig
is out no way. Nother words I'll braze it or weld it with gas before he pluggs
this new stuff in the wall. My problem: with tig I get it set up I have fill rod
left hand I have tig right hand OK put helmet down Now where in hell is the
seam I have to weld? same with mig can't see what I suppose to weld like a
simple butt weld; I look at my weld I'm no where near the butt. Well I know
one thing > wait till this kid needs reading glasses he's already got grey hairs
because he is a 35 yr old bullet proof & excellent metal worker BUT I try to
tell him your day will come. tough ta get old LOL sam
You need a auto darkening hood....
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