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Originally Posted by LKeithR View Post
I've had very little to do with acrylic. What I do know is that it's hard, brittle and has a (relatively) low melting point. Perhaps not the best characteristics for cutting with a rotary tool. I do know of a couple local places that cut a lot of it with waterjet and that seems to work out very well. Perhaps it needs a different process to rotary cutting. The place that sells him the material should be able to tell him what the best process is...
Kieth, pretty much all the plastics places here still use CNC routers to cut their materials any real thick material is sent out to waterjet but that's material thicker than 3/4" anything thicker is pushing it with even a CNC router...
unless its PVC or corrugated PVC board and foam boards.

but then we used spiral saw bits for some of that to get a clean-cut... with use of a cooling lubricant...
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