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I think I may have started this just before the re-organizing of the closet happened.

Cutter would you be so kind as to move this?

I would love to go wider if I can, however there’s a tree and our gazebo/firepit that are in the way. I will have to do more measurement to see, but I think 20’ is all I will get on the width.

I’ve rethought the door, 12’ wide is what I’m going with, and with the higher walls, I’ll likely go 10’ high.

Again more measuring required, I’m hoping I can go a little longer, hopefully 36’ if I can.

The debate with the other half being military is always how far to go with quality. Ideally, there’s a good chance she’s here another 10 years until she would be able to retire.

I’ll price steel roofing, if it’s comparable I’ll go that route.

Shingles, for a 20x36 roof would only be 30 bundles or so, with the air nailer they go pretty quick.

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